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   Daze of Swine and Hoses
  1. Make Love To Your Enemies
  2. Difficult Girl
  3. Still Be In Love With You  [MP3]
  4. Jolene  [MP3]
  5. I Love What You Do To Me (But I Ain't
    Too Crazy About You)
  6. Ain't No Sunshine
  7. What Can I Do For You
  8. I Don't Know What I'm Doing
  9. You Don't Know What You're Doing
  10. When Tommyrot's Near
  11. Your Tits
  12. I Never Knew I'd Meet A Girl Like You

Custard Wally is:
Chris Giunta: lead & backing vocals, guitars
David Fry: bass
Eric Sanders: drums, lead vocals on track 6, death valley daze vocals on track 3

Additional Musicians:
Ron Soltis: keyboards
R.A. Norwood: piano on tracks 9 & 11, sousaphone track 9
Jeff Kelly: lead guitar track 11, classical guitar track 9
Rich Gaglia: accordion intro and backing vocals track 9
Mike DoCampo: backing vocals
Wade Newbern: flute track 9
Tony Ungaro: tambourine & shaker track 9

Recorded at Imagination Productions, Champ Studio, Tube Bar Studio and Mission Sound - Brooklyn NY...The Playroom, Rich Sound and Hot Sound - NYC

Engineered by Tony Ungaro
Mastered by Bob Katz, Digital Domain
Assistant Engineers: Rich Gaglia, Oliver Straus, Steve LaCerra

Mixed by Suz Dyer, RPM Studios NYC

Produced by Chris Giunta

Photography by Judy Tucker
Album Concept: CG
Web Site Design: Thomas

Digital Imaging and Graphic Design: Mary Kent, Digital Domain

All songs by Chris Giunta except "Aint No Sunshine" by Bill Withers - Interior Music/EMI Music Publishing

Custard Wally 
P.O. Box 02-1269 
Brooklyn NY 11202

Phone: 718/596-4841 
Fax: 718/596-1838
Email: info@custardwally.com

C&P 2004 Chris Giunta

Custard Wally thanks and sez hello to:

Mike DoCampo at Champ Studio, Jon Price at The Playroom, Joey Conoscenti,
John Imbriale and James Imbriale at Tube Bar, Rich Gaglia at Rich Sound,
Thom Jack, Lyn Novak, Big John, Kenny and everyone at Spiral, Acme
Underground, The Underworld. Austin Trevett, Suzanne at Central Booking,
Alice & Jim at Club Lauterbach, Steve at Rock 'n Roll Cafe, everone at The
Bitter End, Kenny's Castaways, The Dive, La Balloon, McGoverns, Prince
Studios, Slunky Studios. Suz, Bob Mason and staff at RPM Studios. Mickey's
Appetizers, Joe "The Polish Hammer" Gurzynski, Jeff Kelly, Newbern & Co.,
Cutey Judy Tucker, Thomas, Opel D. Hell, Vicki Keats, Mr. Marc, Bob P.
and Mike, Eddy Pecker, Greg Fragnoli, Kari Zalesak, Steve LaCerra, Katie,
Henna, John Wettlaufer at Martin Guitars, CG Realty, Jacob M. Weinstein,
Bob, Mary and Rachael at Digital Domain and everyone who came to The Roamin'
Ants shows

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