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  Estrogennia Dementia

1. Easier Today
2. How I'd Luv To Touch It!
3. All The Sex In The World I've Ever Wanted
4. Pretty Little Ponytail Boy
5. Prematurely Whorely
6. Enuff Already!
7. Front To Back
8. Who Could Resist?
9. Destined For A Beating
10. Oh No!
11. When A Goon Hits You Over The Head Wif A Board

Chris Giunta: Lead & backing vocals, guitars
David Fry: Bass
Eric Sanders: Drums

Additional Musicians:

Ron Soltis: Keyboards tracks 1, 3-7, 11.
R.A. Norwood: Keyboards tracks 8, 10
Rich Gaglia: Mandolin track 5, backing vocals
Tony Ungaro: Drums track 7
Jeff Kelly: Slide guitar track 3
Bernadette McCallion: Backing vocals track 5
Albey Balgochian: Bass track 10
Jack Ward: Banjo track 11

Recorded at Rich Sound, NYC. Except tracks 8, 10 recorded at The Playroom,
The Duplex, Hot Sound, NYC & Tube Bar Studio, Brooklyn, NY.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Rich Gaglia.
Assistant engineers: Tony Ungaro, Steve LaCerra, Jon Price.
Mixing Conultants: Tony Ungaro, Suz Dyer.
Mixing Insultants: CG, DF.
Photography & Digital Imaging: Austin Trevett.
Album Concept: CG.
Webpage Design: J.T. Thomas.
Estrodoll: Henree Alyse.

All Songs written by Chris Giunta except Track #9 written by Giunta/Allen.

Write to: Custard Wally P.O. Box 02-1269 Brooklyn NY 11202
Phone: 718 596 4841
Fax: 718 596 1838

C&P Copyright 2005 Chris Giunta

Custard Wally thanks and sez hullo to: G-Rod & Deb, Rob & Hae-Jin, Jeff Kelly, Joe "PH" Gurzynski, John Thomas and Opel Doris Hell, Henree Alyse, Eddy Pecker, Bob P. & Mike, Mr. Marc, CG Realty, Kari Zalesak, Steve LaCerra, Bernadette McCallion, Jeannie Fry, Ron Soltis & family, R.A. Norwood & family, Pat Duncan & Jen Klein at WFMU. Gino, Ludy & Uge. Rich Gaglia at Rich Sound. Bob, Mary & Rachael at Digital Domain. Trigger, Walt Stack, Noel & Zack at The Continental. Everyone at Roxy & AM Studios. Gina Sabio, Cooper, Mortimer Snerd, Hannah Banana, Sylvia, Angel, Sydney Dane and Chase Face, Courtney, Shawn Ono Leger, Shawn Doll-e-lama, Jill T11 Parker. ES would like to give special thanks to Little Billy Bloom for his years of abusive derision. Debbie Pignetti for all of her efforts at our gigs, and everyone who came to the 2005 shows.

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