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Having a Wally Weekend

"Better to overkill an entire nation than to underkill by just one man."
Sophocles Churchill Pelosi

Weekend Warrior Wally will be soundtracking our Nobel Blow-them-to-Peaces Prize President's new bombing campaign wif a bi-coastal assault. Saturday's symphony will be nocturned in the charming hamlet of Astoria, Queens followed by a Sunday concerto at Otto's to celebrate the end of the UN siege of Manhattan.

Must these circlejerk dignitaries always close the eastside for their wankfests? Why not show some consideration for your providers and emulate mobsters past? Point yer limos to Appalachian to wag fingers and blow each other kisses! Tiz true that Sheik Abscam-bin Falafel complained about the lack of fresh pastries and decent pizza upstate, but the prostitutes have fewer tattoos and a lower center of gravity. Hysterically speaking, farm girls have fewer objections to the ambassadorial rear-entry portal of preference.

"Enuff Already" sez we citizens of Soddom!


SATURDAY.....9:00.....GUSSY'S...40 minute set
SUNDAY.......9:00.....OTTO'S SHRUNKEN HEAD...40 minute set

Toilet Report: Queens is a nation of plumbers so fear not flooding the lav with kidney juice. Otto's continues to amaze the toilet reporter for its sparkling resplendence despite steady streaming. The ladies loo is another matter: Shame on you sloppy, filthy cows!

(718)596-4841 ext 2

20-14 29th Street
Astoria NY 11105
917 261 1494

538 East 14th Street (Ave A - B)
New York NY 10009
212 228 2240


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