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Sunday Fun!

Sunday slamfest for Matt's annual 40th birthday bash at the trend shedding DON PEDRO'S! There'll be clowns, pastries and special prizes (well, not really). Matt's vexing vanity shows no indication of weakening with age so pleez be kind enuff to compliment the remastered bicuspids and maybe mention how nice his hair looks.

We have a long history with this beanery, perhaps cos of Chris's enthused busboy skills? Oft observed clearing tables of guacamole laden napkinery and other bio-degradable hipster droppings when not hammering re-treaded trills, it seems neither Wally nor Pedro is strong enuff to let go. Like an ebullient bronchial infection, both unashamed fartisans keep coming back for mo. Mexicali munchables & muzikal maladies are often misconstrued.


What's not to lick? Cut-rate lime rickeys, zesty comestibles, a swinging locale and favorable parking climate! Joining us will be the high-watted Whatleys, our Pennsylvania pals wif whom we've double billed recurrently. Aint seen THE WHATLEYS since the Nugent-approved deer snuffing auto collision show of 2009, so we'll prolly climb onstage as one at evening's end for a weepily mawkish rendition of "You'll Never Squawk Alone".

DON PEDRO'S....SUNDAY....JUNE 10...8:00...BRING ID...party starts at 7:00

Toilet Report: Why not? Grandiose enuff to accommodate the widest walmart dweller. As always, abundant paper towelry and liquid hand soap are notarized into the band's performance rider.

(718)596-4841 ext 2

90 Manhattan Avenue
Williamsburg/Brooklyn, NY 11206


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