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Greetings to all!

We'll be at DON PEDRO'S this THURSDAY....JANUARY 22....9:00

We've spoken at candidate's length of this venue in previous
missives....what more can be said? We luv the it here! Good eats, cheap
grog and mead, great crowd and atmosphere, easy parking, 1 train stop outta
the city. For those of you who haven't succumbed, trust us, you'll dig it.

Getting quite a few questions about content and song stylings from our new
album, CALL ME WALT, so we've decided to include a track by track anal-ysis
to hopefully satisfy yer queeries. Don't wanna be too lengthy, so part 2
will follow in our next gig notice.

1. MINDNUMBING: Typical end-of-the-world doomsday is soonsday type
stuff. A series of incredulous verdicts inspire forebodings of futility.
NYC summer sludge reporting over street drilling style soundtrack.

2. TWINKY'S PUDENDUM: At sometime in a young man's life, he realizes that
performing oral sex lessens the stress tax and is much easier if ya drink
some whiskey first and learn to like it. How to proceed, where to begin?
Quintessential drumming by Joe, The Polish Hammer. The ghost of Sam Kinison
hovers over this ballad.

3. THE WORLD'S SILLIEST CLOTHES: We've all met them: Young chickies
spending waaay over the heads of themselves and their parents whilst luvving
every minute of it. $600 shoes that last 3 months and break an ankle, black
and white, zebra-striped jackets/purses, etc. etc. Snappy young cosmos soon
to discover the implication of UTI.

4. DEGENERACY: Sometime around the late 80's/early 90's it again became
fashionable to pretend to have eccentric sekshual needs/desires. This was
misinterpreted as a deep and passionate streak in otherwise mundane prolls.
Of course, there are some real weirdos out there and we appreciate their
continued non-support. The true inspiration was the birth of aids and
subsequent apparently temporary death of condomless sex wif strangers.

5. COME HOME BABY: White-boy blooz vehicle written around the time of
Jeff Kelly's stint as lead guitarist. With such a soaring, prolific
lead-player, we hadda come up with some meaningful chords/accessible lyrics
and Chris had this one lying around. Terrifically understated Hammond Organ
by Wunderkind Norwood. The dollybirds like this one and so do we!

PART 2 Track by track sin-opsis next mailer!


Toilet Report: Never disappointing.


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