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Lotsa news from the gland of Wally: Our new album, "CALL ME WALT" is at
the plant being printed as you try to read this very sentence! This is
Chris' favorite (he always sez that). After lotsa last minute touch-ups on
the artwork and finagling with the estate of Chico Marx (don't ask), our
latest diatribe is imminent! If you've moved, be sure to reply to this
email wif yer new address so you can punish your neighbors henceforth!

There's several slammers that many of you will recognize from live shows, 2
pop confectionaries sure to make you fall in luv again, and several blooz
numbers with jazz style minor 7th chords thrown in featuring Wally alumni
Jeff Kelly's masterful fingerings. Seriously folks, most record companies
wouldn't allow a fartist to release such a diverse record. In the current
climate of pop/rock decline that resulted in the fall of Tower Records and
the rise of American Idle, the lawyers in charge seem to prefer a record of
10 same-sounding "songs", perhaps 1 or 2 numbers of which don't suck
completely. These heartfelt little ditties are often performed on computers
by scruffy, misinformed political idiots trying oh-so-hard to feign
disinterest whilst staring at their filthy sneakers.

We'll have none of that here! (except for the idiocy). By weaving a musical
mesh of such disparate styles, we're hoping there's a little something here
for everyone to hate. These post-Oprah sissyboiz and tattooed, screaching
harridans repulse us, so we're keen to return the favor. Betcha can't wait!

We'll be playing this THURSDAY at DON PEDRO'S in Willyburg. DP's is a
Mexican beanery during dinner hours before the unholy pounding begins. We
hadda great time here last month: cheap booze, easy parking, lotsa
taco-farts, and a great young crowd of urban enthusiasts. Kinda reminds us
of pre-Starbucks NYC in the days of CBGB, Bleecker Street, and LES rock
dives. If you aint been to DP's, check it out. We'll prolly be having our
cd release party here next month.

DON PEDRO'S.....THURSDAY......5/15.....9:30

Toilet Report: 2 (dos) large squattisseries with plenty of room to stretch
out. Illegal aliens mop and replenish the papyrus frequently, so let er


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