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Thanks to all in attendance at last week's Sterling good Friday services and
Democratic debate. We luv that place. How about ol Hillary?!! Who
would've thought she could swallow all those hotdogs so fast? Judging by
his congressional attendance record, it was not surprising that BO was a
no-show. We're gonna try to schedule our next gig there during the
Republican sludge, ensuring anal poochings for the menfolk.

Messy as they be, the wannabe presidential sewage is tame compared to
current regional swine. As if gargoyle faced, first-Jewish-president
Slitzer wasn't sircharged enough at $5,000 a slice, new charges filed
against Mayor Kwame in Detroit tag his extra marital trim at 8.4 million
taxpayer buckaroos! Golly! That's a pricey round of pickle tickle, eh?
Hell, a Fleiss-fueled triple ripple dipple with Traci Lords is a mere 1.8M,
throw in the ping pong ball trick and yer only up to 2.6. With the
exception of genital warts, we didn't know Detroit had 8.4 million anything.
Honorable mention to our scruffy new guvnor: The sharp threads and
adultering luxury hotel suites he billed to us for his extramarital
unzippings are just starting to be tabulated. Glad to see he didn't let a
little thing like blindness prevent him from robbing us blind.

Returning to Willyburg wif a 45 minute set on Thursday, 3/27, at a snappin'
new venue. DON PEDRO'S is a Spanish restaurant during dinner hours and
subsequently transcends into a spiffy rock beanery. There's a separate bar
in the front room leading to a spacious backroom, kinda like Trash Bar,
where sensitive fartists torture their instruments whilst keening paeans of

DON PEDRO.......THURSDAY, 3/27....9:30.

No cover charge, but bring ID.

Toilet Report: Spacious and surprisingly unfilthy for this part of town.
Smooth white ceramic tile perfectly grouted up to the squatter with plenty
of room to stretch out! Prolly a wise choice for a Mexican restaurant.

90 Manhattan Avenue
Williamsburg/Brooklyn NY 11206
718 218 6914


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