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Cum join us for some Hanksy-panksy at brownstone Brooklyn's only rock club.
CUSTARD WALLY will be playing wif our droogs: GOLDEN ROCKET CAR & KUNG
FURY, for 3 hours of spectacle starting @ 10:00 this FRIDAY.

HANK'S is a gritty throwback to a time when heteros drooled the nitelife and
a refreshing proletarian alternative to pastel-lit, sex-in-the-klitty
wannabe appletini-swillers charging $11 drinks on Bushbudget inspired credit

Chris lives nearby and sometimes stops in for a Sunday Bloody Mary & free
eats, or to check out the many great bands this venue regularly offers.
Perhaps to quell his horrific heckling, the booking agent has offered the
distasteful Wallys a slot to more eloquently belch their noncause. Looking
to squirt one off? Tattooed, scruffy yunguns stumbling about are greasy
prey for the sexually inclined at the 2:30 AM weenie countdown.

Lotsa easy parking, HANK'S is 1 block away from the 2,3,4,5,N,R,Q, LIRR
trains at the Atlantic Ave & Pacific Street stops. Gaze fearingly as you
stroll past the terrorist mosques smirching Atlantic Avenue long ignored by
feckless government agencies who'd rather tow a car than prevent the
massacre of their providers by hassling a hijacking sheik.

Wallytime is approximately 11:00. We doubt you'll need ID but should bring
isopropyl based wet-wipes of some sort (see below!).

Toilet Report:.....Long, dark hallways with 2 urinals, 1 squatter for the
fellas, 2 bowls for the ladies. Not as filthy as you'd think! However,
exercise extreme caution when washing hands or swilling tap water. It seems
the local aquatable has a good old fashioned dose of drip! You can try to
read about it here:


FRIDAY.....OCTOBER 19.....10:00.......45 minute set.....no cover charge.


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