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CUSTARD WALLY, NY's premier divorce band, will be returning to THE STERLING
HOTEL this Saturday, 7/21, for a 45 minnit set at 10:00.

We had a great time here a few months back, boozing and howling wif many old
& paroled pals. A bit of background: The Sterling hotel is the largest
bar/indie rock venue on the Eastern Seabored. They've been open 116 years,
so the beer should be cold by now.

LEGAL DEPT.: Cancer-loving, heart-attack wannabe's harken: The PA
legislature has apparently been tipped off that smoking can be bad for you,
so is presently voting to ban it in public places. Our last gig here was
quite formerly-PhilipMorrisfume-friendly, so all Marlborians hoping to knock
15 years off their lives and take a few pinklungers wif them; or non-puffers
dreaming of a clogged-artery induced stroke from secondhand smoke should get
it while it lasts!

Nefarious, nogoodnik Jeff Fritzo will be having his annual backyard bash
before the show, so we'll be stopping by to litter and stuff ourselves with
free food (ya gotta save money whenever you can in this alleged bizness).

AND...The ensuing riot will mark the return of the beloved G-Rod on drums
after his tumble down the cement steps put him on the disabled list for the
previous annum. We've been rehearsing with him and he's meaner than ever!

In farting, the good folks at LUCID CULTURE have penned an insightful review
to last year's ESTROGENNIA DEMENTIA. It can be read here:


Feel free to leave comments in the appropriate box and be brrrrrrutal! We
can take it and have probably heard far worse.

TOILET REPORT: Quite some loo indeed! Long, tall ancient urinals ensure
plenty of space to stretch out for a gentleman's squirt. Plush seats for
the ladies! Sometimes the upstair hotel residents come down for a leak and
are apparently saving a fortune on deodorant.

SATURDAY......JULY 21.....10:00.......45 minnit set.


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