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OPEN BAR!!......Ahem, we'll say that again: OPEN BAR, OPEN BAR, OPEN BAR!!
Got it?

Woo-hoo! Can ya believe it? What overtaxed entrepreneur would be that
foolish and challenge us so? When young Custardite Nick was informed
thusly, he looked to the east: A Clint Eastwood style mist clouded his eyes
as he sagely muttered, "I'm gonna make them real sorry they did that." We
believe him! Come join us!

But let's start at the beginning: We'll be having a DVD release party this
Saturday, 4/28, at THE TRASH BAR in trendy Williamsburg, Brooklyn at 8:00.
The TB is run by the irrepressible Walt Stack, who previously booked the
briefly lamented Continental. This means that they run on time, and we'll
be starting at 8:00 sharp for a riveting 30 minute set.

Here's where the fun starts: A $7 cover charge buys you an open bar from
8:00 - 9:00, and a free copy of our new dvd CONTINENTAL CUSTARD.
CONTINENTAL CUSTARD are 2 complete live shows culled from last year's
Continental catastrophes. All of Mom's favorites are here! As fer the
booze aspect, let's see: If we start with a whiskey rocks backed by a Bud
bottle, that'd be a cozy $12+/- in NYC....multiply that by 11 rounds in 1
hour and well, you can do the math (unless you went to a NYC Public School).
Such value!

Plus you get us braying and stomping thru some of our romantic catalogue.
What fun! Also, spring is here: Tis the time to dump romantic lumpage and
find a new victim(s). Had enuff of Wifeypie or Hubbycakes? Just come down
and let us wind you up wif some spiteful guitar rock, imbibe the
aforementioned liquidity, then return home to tell your wetter half EXACTLY
how you REALLY feel. Don't worry, they'll understand!! They've heard it
before. Flying dishes and fists? Yes, we suppoz so. Conversely, if you're
just an ordinary trapper; come get a snootful before Saturday's peltprowling
of the NYC metro area for fresh kill.

Toilet Report: Dunno yet....figger Williamsburg is a haven for the new
depressionists and accompanying veneral diseasery. Hep C and Chlamydia
they call it these days. We'd suggest an umpire's stance if a great purge
is necessitous.

SATURDAY.....8:00 SHARP!!!.....$7 cover charge....BRING ID


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