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It's us again. Thanks to all who attended last week's show at Kenny's
Castaways. The ever-professional staff couldn't have been licer. We're
sure they'll ask us back in another 20 years.

We have 2 shows this week, and then will probably be laying kinda low in
March to do some recording.

#1. THURSDAY, MARCH 1, 9:00....THE STERLING HOTEL in ALLENTOWN, PA....45 minute set. We're looking forward to this one. The Sterling is the largest
bar and indie rock venue on the entire east coast! They've been open a
mere 116 years and have survived 3 World Wars, Prohibition, The Great
Depression, MTV, and maybe even us. SH has 15,000 square feet with a large
stage, so now it's time to see if dem dancing lessons paid off. This will
be the perfect opportunity for our Lehigh Valley pals to get their
long-awaited revenge on Chris. The cool staff charges a $5 cover which gets
you 1 free drink. However, since there's no trains, cabs, busses or crime
in suburban PA; the well-fed gendarmery like to raise revenue by hanging
outside of bars and busting their providers for "drunk" driving.
Unfortunately, if you eat French food on Tuesday, you're still legally drunk
on Thursday in many socially-retarded burgs. Don't let 'em get ya.

#2. The next night, FRIDAY, MARCH 2, we'll be back at NIAGARA BAR at 10:00
on the lower eastside for a 60 minute set. We had a great time here last
month. Lotsa leggy gals as previously reported and in response to many
queries: No, the band will not be providing Viagra.

TOILET REPORT(S): Allentown is part of the civilized world despite having
a Billy Joel song named after it, so we're expecting a nice clean
squattisserie. Niagara's passes the test just fine....the purple-haired
piercedpusseds seemed to find it squirtable last month (and how!). Having a
2nd receptacle downstairs in the band room really helped our cause.


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