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  1. I Love Women º  [MP3]
  2. Scene of The Climb º
  3. Love On The Docks *
  4. I've Got To Get Out of This Horrible
    Trap (That You Call Your Love)
  5. Peggy º  [MP3]
  6. Leaping Through The Flaming Hoop
    of Love
  7. We Have Chosen! º
  8. Oh, Leslie
  9. Naked Ladies *  [MP3]
  10. Until She Talks *

Custard Wally is:
Chris Giunta - vocals, guitars, songs
David Fry - bass
Eric Sanders - drums

R.A. Norwood: keyboards, sousaphone, physionuclear genetic timbral re-enfartments
Tony Ungaro: tambourine, tumbleweed guitar on track 9, artificial harmonic guitar on track 4
Jon Decatur: harp sequences on track 9
Chris Giunta, Tony Ungaro, Joey Conoscenti: lynch mob vocals on track 7

Produced by Chris Giunta & Tony Ungaro
Arrangements by Custard Wally, R.A. Norwood, Tony Ungaro
Recorded at: The Playroom, NYC; Tube Bar Studio & Mission Sound, Brooklyn, NY
Engineered by Tony Ungaro
Assistant Engineers: Jon Price, Steve Lacerra, Joe Conoscenti, Oliver Straus
Mixed by: * Tony Ungaro, º Ken Wallace, ½ Suz Dyer
Assisted by Jon Decatur
Mixed at Ian London Studios, East Islip, NY; RPM Studios, NYC
Mixing Consultant: Ray Padovano
Mixing Insultant: Chris Giunta

Photography: Judy Tucker
Album Concept: Chris Giunta
Custard Wally Logos: Pat Callery
Web Site Design: Thomas
Quantum Theory: R.A. Norwood
Chauffer: Pete Yannello

Contact Custard Wally at:

P.O. Box 02-1269
Brooklyn, NY 11202

Phone: 718/596-4841
Fax: 718/596-1838
Email: info@custardwally.com

All songs © Copyright 1987-1997 Chris Giunta

Custard Wally thanks & says hello to:
Jon Price & Andrew Jansen at The Playroom, Joey Conoscenti, John Imbriale & James Imbriale at Tube Bar, Thom Jack, Lyn Novak, Kenny, Big John & everyone at The Spiral, Underworld, and Street Level, Alice and Everyone at Club Lauterbach, Joe "The Polish Hammer" Gurzynski, Jeff Kelly, Pat Callery, Thomas, Mary, Meghan, Mr. Marc, Bob P., Igor at Prince Studios, Bill, Lynn & Allan at Boro Photo, Brooklyn Heights, the good folks at Massengill, everyone who came to the Fabulous Disaster shows, and loads of other touch-holes

C.G. thanks: Eddy Pecker, Gino, Ludy, Uge, MichelleÐmichelle, Greg Fragnoli, Bob Faller, Kari, 
Ray Padovano, Pete Yannello, Suzy, Tony & Sheree Petrignani

D.F. thanks: Finnis, LBJ, Tipper, all our adoring fans & Satan

E.S. thanks: The Independent Order of Oddfellows, David Zipperer, Mortimer Snerd & Angel

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