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   Music For Creeps
  1. Worse Than All That Have Come Before
  2. Beaten and Returned
  3. Dick's Closed
  4. A Gay Man and His Dog
  5. How Cheap Is Your Luv?
  6. Ich Bin Hooveparter
  7. Rubes
  8. Misconstrued
  9. Churchburning, Eh?
  10. Squirt

Custard Wally is:
Chris Giunta: lead & backing vocals, guitars
Matt DeSilva: bass
G-Rod: drums

Additional Musicians:
Ron Soltis: Keyboards
Rich Gaglia: Backing vocals, slide guitar on track 4, keyboards on track 9, slide and lead guitar on track 7, bass solo on track 9
John DiGiulio: Tambourine on track 7
Ray Padovano: Backing vocals on track 8

Produced by CG

Recorded at Recorded at Rich Sound, NYC. Riddle Music Studios, Brooklyn.

Engineered by Rich Gaglia, Tony Ungaro
Mixed and mastered by: Rich Gaglia
Mixing consultants: Tony Ungaro
Mixing insultants: CG, Matt DeSilva
Webpage stuff: J.T. Thomas / Ron Lapinski

This album is dedicated to the memory of Francis Xavier Ashdale, Hooveparter General

All songs by Chris Giunta

C & P Copyright 2011 Chris Giunta

Custard Wally 
P.O. Box 02-1269 
Brooklyn NY 11202

Phone: 718/596-4841, Ext. 2
Email: info@custardwally.com

Custard Wally Tips Its Hat and Howdys:

Jeremy Went, Rebecca White, David Fry, Finnis, Bob Faller, Jeff Matias, Dan and Ramona Defonza, The Easton Boyz, Joe Gurzynski, Sal M., Lars from Mars, Big Ron, Hotsy, Jan and Dean, Charlie Berton at widerangetv.com, Don Z,, Gina & Lucia, John DiGiulio, J.T. Thomas and Opel D. Hell, CG Realty, Uge, Meghan, Kighkey DeyGogh, Meredith Rebar, The Whatleys, Eric Mauriello, Eddy Pecker, The Bullys, Dirty Debbie Doubledown Martini, and all G-Rod’s freaky friends from Woodside and Rockaway Beach.

Everyone at Roxy Studios, Hank’s Saloon, The Brewery. Cherry Darling Productions, Jake Noodles and Meddy at Don Pedro’s, Walt Stack and Trash Bar staff, Cheech and all the chickies at Penguins Down in the Igloo. Nancy Dwyer Chapman at Lackenbach Siegel, LLP.

And a hearty handclasp to all who attended the 2008 – 2010 shows.

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